WELCOME to Chandelier Design!!

My name is Rebecca Edgett. I started Chandelier Design 9 years ago by selling
some chandelier crystals on eBay. I fell in love with the beautiful crystals and
started expanding the amount of shapes and colors I kept in stock. At first I sold
the crystals part time, while still working full time at my "day job". Now
Chandelier Design is one of the companies I run full time.

We have the best selection of gorgeous chandelier crystals for less. Please visit us
often, we are constantly adding new colors and styles of chandelier crystals for
your chandelier, jewelry supplies, and other crafts.

We don't sell any acrylic or plastic chandelier crystals. All of our chandelier
crystals are high quality real crystals.

If you are looking for a particular shape or color of chandelier crystal, please ask.
We can usually have them specially made for you by one of the many crystal
makers we work with.
copyright 2014 Chandelier Design Co.
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